We value your partnership in keeping America Covered!

We know everyone is anxiously waiting to get their product, and we're so excited to get these covers to you as fast as possible! We are working around the clock to ensure this happens.

Due to COVID-19 and increased demand, please expect slight fulfillment delays.

We’re grateful for every order, but wanted to extend an extra THANK YOU during this incredibly difficult time. Every dollar spent with us is an investment in American Manufacturing, but also the many small businesses and civilians that rely on our products. We're parents, teachers, artists, creative spirits that left jobs to pursue the passion side hustle and help our communities in time of great need. Our community is hurting right now, the future is unclear and your purchase is hope. We’re doing all that we can to get your order out as soon as possible. Please add extra tolerance around lead times due to shipping restrictions to the current American landscape. We’re doing our very best, but please expect fulfillment delays. We will do our best to stay in touch with updates, but if you have any specific questions regarding the status of your order or have a time sensitive matter, please reach out to us via Instagram or directly via our email.

How quickly are orders processed?

Most orders are processed between 2-5 business days. That being said, orders can take up to 20 business days to process and shop. We have small teams working around the clock 7 days a week to process orders safely and efficiently, but as many of our customers have moved online our online business is inflated and our teams fulfilling orders remains small. We are doing everything we can, but your understanding and grace is very much appreciated. For questions between the time your order is placed and receipt of your tracking number, email directly We are not responsible for any lost/stolen packages or unforeseen weather conditions, peak season or package delays by the United States Postal Service.

We are not responsible for incorrect addresses entered at the time the order was placed. 

What if I need my item by a certain date?

While our online business is impacted we are unable to facilitate priority orders. We don't want to bum anyone out and unfortunately face an uphill battle in offering the option at this time which is why we have chosen to remove it from our website. That being said, if you have a time sensitive order that you absolutely need rushed please reach out to us via email and we will do what we can to try to accomodate the request.

As you all know - the entire world is trying to get their hands on some face covers, and we're doing our absolute best to keep up with the orders, expeditiously scaling up production to meet the growing demand. We're committed to fulfilling, and are doing so daily. We are committed to our philanthropy and donations.

Please feel free to reach out to us via chat, email, if you have any questions. Our priority is your satisfaction! Stay Safe America! 

Update 4/30/2020: USPS has alerted us that there is an influx of orders from all over the country and regular shipping times have been extended a few days. This is completely out of our control and we do apologize for this inconvenience.