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America Cover Donates 20,000 Face Masks to Frontline Workers

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America Cover Donates 20,000 Face Masks to Frontline Workers

To our esteemed customers, our core motive is satisfying you in every way we can. We bring to you top-notch quality face mask made from high-quality fabrics from vendors in the US who gets their fabric source from different countries across the globe. We cut, sew, stitch, print, package, and ship all our facemask from our facility in Houston, Texas, in which we make donations from every purchase you make from us. We aim to bring you a positive mindset and motivation in these trying times. Although wearing masks from different categories of facemasks from our brands such as our custom facemasks, funny face masks, and lot more, give you more than protection but also keep a smile on your face and fire up your keep going spirit.

At America Covers,  we care deeply about our customer's health and wellbeing. Through this pandemic, we have been able to make some changes to keep people safe by providing our services while making sure we are also able to give back to the public. For every purchase you have made, we at America Covers have been able to donate 20,000 masks. With your support through the purchase of our facemask, we will continue to help families and children to stay protected and safe during this time.

Without our customers, there is no way we could have achieved being able to make donations of 20,000 face masks; therefore, we at America Covers say a big "thank you" to you. We currently run on a time frame of 7 - 10 working days to process your orders, and we are also working on better ways to serve you right. Also, we look forward to lots and lots of purchases of our face masks to gear us towards making more donations in the nearest future. We love you, America!

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